Eye of Vecna Type Accessory General Name Shriveled Pebble Lore to Identify 99 Effects Doubles all 1st & 2nd level mage spells +35% resistance to magic +4. Hitting 40k means we can all take a gander at the Hand of Vecna, the Eye of Vecna, and the Dragon Orb! We’re just one step away from. Eye and Hand of Vecna. (update). Wondrous Item, Artifact, (requires attunement). Attunement: Yes. Worn in Slot: no slot required. Source: PHB. Description.

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Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: Similarly, depending on edition and source, its appearance has varied, from a short sword to a wavy bladed two hander. The Hand grants a cold touch and ability score drain, while the eye grants True Seeing and darkvision. When placed in an empty human eye socket, it becomes a golden eye with a slit pupil ehe that of a cat, and glows red or green in the darkness. At some point in his history, Vecna penned a tome known as Ordinary Necromancy.

In the 5th Edition Dungeon Master’s Guidereleased inVecna appears as a member of the “Dawn War Pantheon”, which is mostly derived from the 4th Edition pantheon. In time, the story of Vecna became legend, and a cult formed to worship him.

Nearly one thousand years after his birth, Vecna, now a lich and ruler of a great and terrible empire in the Sheldomar Valleycentered near the modern-day Rushmoorslaid siege to the city of Fleeth with an army of arcane spellcasters and undead. Being a secretive cult, there are no real collections vecan Vecnan teachings.

At the end of the adventure—presuming the players defeat Vecna—he is transported to the Ravenloft campaign setting.

E is for Eye of Vecna

This information was further developed in ‘s Book of Artifacts. Views Read Edit View history. After the third character died, the joke was revealed.

The Tome of Shared Secrets is an illustrated bestiary of relic status, with the ability to impart knowledge of dark and evil creatures at the cost of a portion the user’s life force. The Hand first appeared years after the destruction of Vecnaduring the Insurrection of the Yaheetes.


Slowly, gradually, they turn the user toward evil.

Hand and Eye of Vecna | Dungeons and Dragons Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lesser priests are known as Memories of Vecna. Once attached, they cannot be removed without killing the wearer. It is otherwise similar to the rules in Vecna Lives! Ey instead hunt down secrets and information they deem to be too dangerous for the world at large and keep it secret in the name of Vecna.

Pf were later cast through the dimensional portal at Tovag Baragu and lost to some unknown outer plane. Vecna’s left hand and eye of Vecna’s original “mortal” lich form, which have never been replaced in his later more powerful incarnations, are now high-valued and very dangerous magical artifacts. In order to use the Eyea player must declare that his character PC has placed it into the PC’s empty eye socket; most PCs must first pluck out their own eye to “free up” the space.

The Hand grants superhuman strength. Possessing both artifacts corrupts the wielder to an even greater extent. The Hand and Eye of Vecna have appeared vedna times over the centuries, and the powers they see fit to grant each bearer vary considerably.

This puts them in opposition to mainstream followers of Vecna who regard the Keepers as heretics, and makes them enemies of Ioun and her followers, vrcna believe all knowledge should be available for everybody and the moral obligations og how to use it rest on the shoulders of the individuals involved. It was in turn stolen from the brother by an outlaw named Macewho overthrew the ruler of Tyrus and ruled for a hundred years before being assassinated by vexna Yemishite agent. The Eye of Vecna also od its bearer terrible visions.

Ten years later, in the second edition Dungeon Master’s GuideVecna’s history was expanded under the description of his Hand and Eye. Relations between these groups and the mainstream cult may vary. It is usually described as a left hand, with long, claw-like nails. The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: Between and CY, the warlord Halmadar the Cruel came into possession of both the Hand and Eye, only the second known person to ever achieve this.


Vecna’s holy symbol is an eye in the palm of a left hand.

Eye of Vecna

They are jealous of more powerful arcane spellcasters than their owner. Vecna’s “right hand man” and then ultimately his betrayer is Kas the Bloody-Handedeyd vampire whose sword, the Sword of Kasis also an artifact.

They reward the user for betraying a close friend, but penalize them for slaying undead. Possessing both ete now grants several great powers, including magic resistance and the permanent ability to Detect Magic. Vecna created the Sword of Kas for his greatest servant, which contains a “portion of his consciousness.

That same year, both the Hand and Eye were reportedly in the possession of Morgan Ironwolfa vecnx adventurer of legendary stature and prodigous collector of artifacts. Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities. The eye cannot be removed.

Eye and Hand of Vecna

In 4th edition, a secret group known as the Keepers of the Forbidden Lore is devoted to Vecna. At his empire’s height, Vecna was betrayed and destroyed by his most trusted lieutenant, a vampire called Kas the Bloody-Handedusing a magical sword that Vecna himself had crafted for him, now known as the Sword of Kas. Tormentthe Eye makes vecnz appearance in a curiosity shop in the city of Sigil.

Contents [ show ]. Known examples are the Eyes of Vecna a cult of undeath consisting mainly of roguesthe Fingers of Vecna Vecna’s personal guardand the Ebon Triad a heretical cult seeking to merge Vecna, Hextorand Erythnul into a single entity.

The Genie’s Curse Birthright: In this adventure, Vecna was given the rank of a lesser god.